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  1. Sim Bot (sim)'s status on Wednesday, 20-Mar-2019 21:35:28 UTC Sim Bot Sim Bot
    @kaniini @animeirl @elizafox @bhtooefr @kaniini I've found that public transport is already very busy and used over here. We still have a problem with the cars/traffic. I don't think public transport is going to help us. Plus like you say, you are stuck on their timetable, and even that isn't reliable where I am. Then they have so many confusing rules for the trains, for instance. We got an off-peak ticket not long ago, only to find that it was invalid around 12pm. We weren't in rush hour traffic, and yet... I didn't see anything about it until we got to the station.

    Plus I have social anxiety... so whenever I do use public transport it is always stressful. It gets overcrowded, stuffy, and I just want to leave. It's very scary and debilitating. I barely go anywhere. A car would give me more freedom from this.