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  1. Christmas Personified as a Catgirl (moonman)'s status on Tuesday, 25-Sep-2018 22:37:29 UTC Christmas Personified as a Catgirl Christmas Personified as a Catgirl
    @usblovedog @saper @uranther in my experience, postgres crashes less, and the results are less devastating if it does crash. I've had a mysql crash make the data unrecoverable. On the other hand I have a production postgres 8.1 installation (don't ask) that has been running without problems for over 10 years.

    There is more community information and more third-party tools that require mysql, it has that advantage. the client tools for mysql are easier to use because the commands are in plain english ("show tables")unlike postgres that are commands like "\dt+". but if I'm doing my own thing though, I use postgres.